Women holding electronic device, on a virtual call with doctor.

COVID has changed our world dramatically. Gatherings are reduced or eliminated; social circles are shrunken, and even normal gestures like a good old-fashioned handshake are a thing of the past. Another normal activity which has been adapted is the visit to the doctor’s office.

No longer do we see full waiting rooms, chair to chair, waiting to hear we are next. Instead, many appointments take place over the phone and only those services which require direct care involve a trip to the office. COVID has also increased access to physicians virtually – and I don’t mean self-diagnosis via “Dr. Google;” I’m referring to face-to-face interactions with a care provider. One such service that has recently come to St. Thomas is Nowaitwalkin.com. As a patient, you can access medical services from your own home using your smartphone or computer. You book an appointment time and receive a link to a private, secure connection to a family physician. They can even provide you with a family doctor accepting new patients, order lab, x-ray and ultrasound services, refer you to specialists and arrange delivery of your prescriptions from the pharmacy. If you need additional help, Nowaitwalkin.com offers programs for mental health and anxiety, weight loss and heart health and bone, muscle and joint pain. For example, the program focusing on bone muscle and joints includes:

1. Video consultation with a medical specialist in rheumatology and internal medicine to develop a medical treatment plan.

2. Video consultation with a physiotherapist who can develop a concurrent home-based natural exercise and treatment program.

3. Combination of medicine and/or natural products provided through a pharmacy based on the custom treatment plan. What if you do not have access to the internet at home or are feeling less than tech-savvy? Since Nowaitwalkin.com is a web-based application, it can be accessed anywhere. Until we beat COVID, take care of yourself and each other.