For a variety of reasons, sometimes you need mobility products for a short period of time. Please download our rental catalogue to the left and call us for details.

Anne Bakker

Rental Administrator

Bath Seats

A bath chair is a portable unit that can be used inside of a shower or bathtub to sit down on. They come in a variety of different models with different options such as arms or no arms, and a back or no back. Weight Capacity: Varies by model-bariatric models available Dimension: Varies by model Assortment of different models available

Stationary Commodes

Commodes are a stationary item that can be used beside the bed as an alternative for the washroom or they can be used over a toilet to give added support. They are adjustable in height and are easy to adjust and transport. Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available) Dimension: 24.25” overall width

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are used to assist someone with bathing and to minimize the risk of slipping or falling. They are available in padded and non-padded models and are adjustable by height. Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available) Dimension: Varies by model

Versa Frames

A versa frame is bolted to the back of a toilet and provides arms for someone to use when using the toilet. They are adjustable in height to fit most standard toilets. Weight Capacity: 300lbs Dimension: 14.5”-17” in height

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds have special features for comfort and the well-being of the person using them. They are electric and fully adjustable by remote control. Beds come with an option of half or full length railings. A standard foam mattress is included. Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available) Dimension: 36”W x 88”L

M Rails

M-Rails are used to assist people in getting in and out of bed. They fit single, double, queen and king sized beds. Weight Capacity: 300lbs Dimension: 17.75”W x 20.5”L

Over Bed Tables

Over bed tables are adjustable in height and comfortably fit over most beds. They reach the height of 45”. Weight Capacity: 40lbs Dimension: 15”W x 30”L Assortment of different models available


A trapeze is a metal triangle that hangs from a metal frame over a patients bed. The patient can grab onto the triangle to help pull themselves up and position themselves. There are freestanding models as well as models that attach to specific hospital beds. Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available) Dimension: 31”W x 51” D x 72”H


Crutches are a mobility aid that transfers weight from the legs to the upper body for those who cannot use their legs to support themselves. Weight Capacity: 300lbs Dimension: 28”-42” in height

Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches are similar to regular crutches however you support yourself on your forearms rather than underneath your armpit. Weight Capacity: 300lbs (bariatric model available) Dimension: 36”-60.5” in height

Knee Scooters

A knee scooter is a four wheeled alternative to crutches or a traditional walker. The patient is to place their injured or weak leg on the seat and kick off with their dominant leg. Weight Capacity: 300lbs Dimension: Adjustable in handle height and for left and right leg

Rollator Walkers

A rollator walker is a tool used for additional support and stability while walking. They come with a seat and hand brakes for safety as well. Weight Capacity: 250-600lbs Seat Heights: 19”, 21” and 24” Handle Height: 28”-40” Many different models available


Walkers can be used as a daily walking aid and can reduce the stress on painful joints or limbs, or simply help balance. Weight Capacity: 250-500lbs Dimension: 26”-37.5”

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are a light and compact option for appointments or short distance trips where the user of the chair can be pushed by a companion. Seat Width: 17” and 19” Weight Capacity: 250lbs Weight of Chair: 26lbs *Bariatric options are available

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are all custom and can be ordered in specific sizes. Accessories for manual wheelchairs are also custom and come in a handful of varieties. These chairs do fold into a more compact position for travel if necessary. Seat Width: 14”-30” Weight Capacity: Varies Weight of Chair: Varies Accessories: Cushions, elevating leg rests, trays, amputee boards