Employee with our Customized Packing machine

In this department, we serve thousands of residents in long-term care, retirement, assisted living and group homes. Many of them have unique or complex medication needs. As such, we dispense everything in compliance packaging and sometimes even include pictures of each tablet.

More Than Just Bottles Our customized packaging options can help you in the following ways:

  • Informative packaging helps patients understand dietary requirements/restrictions for various medications.
  • On-the-go portability, whether you’re out for the day or on a longer-term vacation.
  • More convenient access for those who have trouble opening traditional medicine bottles.
  • Reduces risk of overdosing caused by forgetting if you’ve taken a dose.
  • Convenience

Customized medication packaging can help promote continued good health and help avoid medicine-related complications. Our customized packaging facility helps make taking (and remembering) your medication far more convenient.