Sarah Lee, PharmD
Your Neighbourhood Staff Pharmacist

Holiday thoughts are in the air – plans for gift-giving, friends and family get-togethers and food preparations. A joyous time of the year but also a time of overindulging. Celebrations often involve too many rich foods, too much alcohol and lack of sleep. The aftermath can have us asking “Why did I do that to myself?”.

Planning helps us to avoid overdoing it and instead to truly enjoy and revel in the season. Here are some suggestions to get you through this festive time without throwing away all your healthy habits:

  • Don’t go to the event hungry. Eat something small and nutritious before leaving.
  • Choose the most wholesome options available and use a smaller plate.
  • Drink water before, during and after to help you stay hydrated especially if you’re drinking alcohol as well.
  • Do not deny yourself your favourite holiday foods. Choose only the ones you prefer the most, limit your portions and balance your plate with other healthier choices!
  • Remember to take time to rest and get your required sleep, especially prior to a celebration.
  • If you overdo it and are feeling the effects the next day, remember to drink lots of water, eat light nourishing foods, and get some outdoor exercise. Before using any over the counter treatments, speak to your pharmacist.
  • If overindulgence is happening too frequently and causing issues, don’t be afraid to seek help.
  • Be realistic and open to new holiday traditions, especially this year.
  • Don’t let slips of excess derail the whole train! Get right back to those wholesome habits you were following before the festivities.

Eating, drinking and sleeping during this time of merriment can be managed successfully. Change your mindset, get prepared and bring on the holidays.