Hand holding yellow post it note saying stay positive

When times seem bleak and filled with uncertainty, we often tend to dwell on the bad and totally disregard the good. With the current pandemic, it’s easy to get into a ‘doomsday’ mindset and neglect to acknowledge the wonderful things in life. Here are some reminders and suggestions that may help to foster those bright and positive thoughts:

-We are going to get through this. Although the future may hold many questions to which we don’t currently have answers, this will come to an end and things will eventually return to normal. It may take time, but we need to have faith that it’ll be OK.

-We are still connected. Even though we may not be able to see some of our family or loved ones in person, we’re lucky we live in an era where things like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and instant messaging are at the press of a button.

-We can enjoy the outdoors. It is officially spring, and it is getting progressively warmer…so that means, we don’t have to stay cooped up inside all day! Taking a break from working on a laptop and getting 15 minutes of fresh air can really improve the mood. Just don’t forget to keep two meters away from others.

-There are many activities other than watching Netflix and scrolling Instagram. Try to decrease screen time by reading a book, listening to music, cleaning, doing yoga, playing with your pet, cooking, painting, going through old photo albums…the options are endless!

-Take this time to do something that has been on the back burner or something self-improvement related. Start a journal, exercise 20 minutes a day, redecorate a room, or get some yard work done. You’ll thank yourself after!

Remember…. whether we choose to be positive or negative is up to us! Stay safe and try to see the good!