A person reading a book on a hammock

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) causing global concern, and health officials recommending quarantining to help decrease the spread of the disease, it’s easy to begin panicking. While being informed is important, it’s also crucial that we manage our personal well-being during times like this.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you and your loved ones look after your mental health:

-Tune into credible new sources and keep in mind that not everything you see on social media is true. The media can be overwhelming as it floods its outlets with information constantly. If this causes you stress, try to find a balance between staying informed and staying away.

-Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more than usual. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to yourself twice to make sure you’ve washed your hands for an effective amount of time.

-Try to stay connected, especially if you’re self-quarantining. Call up your grandparents, FaceTime your friends, or send an email to your coworkers to check-in. We work better in unison and with support than we do on our own!

-Practice self-care activities such as meditation, taking a bath, watching an upbeat movie or reading a book. You can also think and write about what you’re grateful for. This will aid in fostering calm and positive feelings.

-Keep moving and try to be as active as possible. Lots of gyms are releasing at-home workout programs that require minimal equipment and space. Get those endorphins flowing, especially if the gym is an everyday thing for you.

Remember, you have to nourish to flourish. Take care of yourself as well as see what you can do to help others (from a safe distance).