arrow sign saying purpose under the night sky

Throughout the centuries, the world has known many pandemics. The destruction caused by invisible enemies like smallpox, and the Spanish Flu was devastating; but fortunately, the world did recover. Interestingly enough, neurologists and psychiatrists have observed that those of us who find a purpose in the face of adversity tend to be far more resilient.

Having a purpose increases one’s overall well-being, improves mental and physical health, and enhances self-esteem. More specifically, a strong sense of purpose is associated with slowing down ageing, reducing cardiovascular disease, and improving cognitive health.

While each of us finds purpose in different ways, there is common ground. When our skills or talents are required on a united front, we become motivated to serve a common purpose.

That being said, here are some ways to find purpose during COVID-19:

1. Text, call or email. Connect with our loved ones and particularly those who live on their own. This is an opportunity to reconnect and offer comfort to those who need it.
2. Learn something new. This can aid in getting those brain juices going and can give us a new outlook. Virtual music lessons, courses, and cooking classes are all within a computer’s reach.
3. Exercise. Set daily or weekly goals and do what is in our scope. Improving our health can aid in being around longer for our loved ones.
4. Practice gratitude. Write or talk about what we’re thankful for and, in turn, may do to help others the way they helped us.
5. Plan for the future. Although things may take a while to return to “normal,” plan our recovery and what it’ll look like in terms of our home, business or community.

Of course, there will be good days and bad ahead of us as the pandemic lingers; but how we choose to adapt and react will help or hinder our recovery.