happy senior couple aging in place.

by Peter Yurek, BScPhm

90 percent of adults over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their current residence as they age. An increasingly popular movement, “aging in place” allows us to maintain our sense of autonomy, independence, and overall psychological and emotional wellbeing during later years in life. When we can age in our home, we experience a daily sense of familiarity such as greetings from pets, being surrounded by physical objects, and fond memories.

In addition, social interactions with familiar neighbours and assistance from community support services contribute to our sense of belonging and reduce loneliness.

Health and finances are also among concerns for individuals later in life. Aging in place provides an alternative to long-term care facilities while protecting us from possible infections that can happen in any communal living space.

Aging in place is common in some cultures where children see it as their duty to ensure their parents maintain a sense of independence in their current home. The goal, of course, is to improve quality of life and a high level of control over the lives and wellbeing of older adults.

To reach this goal, it is important to plan properly as there can be unexpected challenges along the way with health, social connections, and mobility. In the upcoming weeks and months, I will go through the requirements for aging in place comfortably and realistically. Please check out https://yurekpharmacy.com/aging-in-place/ for updates.

Thank you.