We are a family-owned and operated healthcare company. In partnership with medical professionals, we have served the London-St. Thomas area for over 60 years. We combine the tenacity of our dedicated team with the latest healthcare technologies to help you feel better.

We offer the following services and products and will work with you or your loved ones while aging in place – to stay in your home as long as possible. 

Everything you need or a loved one for aging in place. Chair recliners, blood monitoring devices, reachers, easy-grip utensils, jar openers, playing card holders, easy tie laces, and pill reminders are just a small selection of what Yurek Pharmacy & Home Healthcare has in stock.

We offer a variety of bathroom safety products that help prevent slips and falls! These products include grab bars, raised toilet seats, bath seats, bath transfers and commodes.

Learn what hazards exist in your home and simple changes that can improve your safety while aging in place. Pick up your free copy at any Yurek location or download it.

We sell mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers). Accessibility (stairlifts, ceiling lifts, platform lifts) from reputable and dependable manufacturers to keep you on the move and living life to the fullest!

We offer a variety of infusion pumps to meet the needs of all your needs, including Computerized Ambulatory Drug Delivery (CADD) and Sapphire pumps, convenient elastomeric pumps, and the traditional gravity administration method. 

In addition to a complete selection of enteral feeding supplies, we have an RPN on our staff who specializes in enteral feeding and can answer your questions and concerns. Also, our home infusion product line facilitates the nourishment of you in your own home.

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Get informed on how you can achieve aging in place through our experts.