A person planting in a freshly soiled garden

By Diane Alavie, Pharmacist

Not only are gardens aesthetically nice, they are also good for the mind. According to the National Center for Disease Control, gardening for 30-45 minutes has a similar effect to performing a moderate cardiovascular exercise and can burn up to 300 calories. But, if you’re not a gardener, that’s OK too as having plants in your home or at your desk also has benefits.

Not only can you grow yourself and/or your family healthy, fresh vegetables, gardens also help with stress relief and act as a healthy outlet. It is also said that being around plants help people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Furthermore, studies have shown that tasks performed under the calming influence of nature correlate to greater accuracy. However, people who spend more time outside in nature tend to have a significantly more positive outlook on life than people who spend a great amount of time indoors. Surrounding yourself with the natural world increases feelings of vitality and energy and has an impact on one’s overall health.

So, if you’re feeling blue, try finding a balance between having a few plants inside the house to brighten the mood and making sure to take a break outside. How could you not feel happiness after seeing a bouquet of sunflowers on a desk, or taking a walk through a trail in a forest?