Assistant Retail Manager of Yurek Pharmacy

There’s no doubt that the current world we live in is daunting. We are dressed in PPE with masks hiding the vast majority of our faces, and more specifically, our mouths. The most significant way people convey tenderness and warmth is through a smile, and ours are now hidden.

We’ve learned to show compassion and empathy through our actions, rather than our facial expressions. We make sure to meet you at the door to provide you with hand sanitizer, we disinfect counters and other common areas consistently and thoroughly, and we make sure we keep you updated on changes we make.

Instead of relying on visual cues like pursed lips, a frown, or a tooth-bearing grin, we’re now taking time and asking people to clarify. Communication is inevitably slowed down, but that may be a good thing in a world that is so focused on instant outcome and gratification. So, when you can’t see our smile, please know that the time we spend with you is how we’re showing that we care.