Yurek has partnered with the CNIB Foundation to bring the Phone It Forward Program to participating pharmacies in the region.

“Desk drawers across Canada are full of old smartphones not being used,” said Robert Gaunt, Executive Director, CNIB Foundation Ontario North and West. “Many Canadians own multiple phones, regularly upgrading to a newer model. Let’s get those phones into the hands of people in our community who need them.”

Phone It Forward is the first program of its kind worldwide that refurbishes gently used smartphones, putting them directly in the hands of people with sight loss to transform lives. For people who are blind, smartphones are a game-changer – a portable, all-in-one communications and accessibility solution. In the hands of someone who is blind, a smartphone becomes more than most people can imagine – a critical tool that opens a world of opportunity and independence.

Yurek Pharmacy & Home Healthcare is proud to support this initiative and encourages the community to find their gently used smartphones (iPhone 5, android equivalent, or higher) and bring them in to any Yurek location.

“Helping people with sight loss gain back some of their independence is such an incredible opportunity,” says Wendy Kampers, Retail Sales Manager, Yurek. “Our team is enthusiastic about bringing Phone It Forward to our community and will ensure your smartphone donation gets to CNIB.”

Donations are simple to make: a person or company registers their gently used smartphone(s) online at phoneitforward.ca, picks up a prepaid envelope from Yurek Pharmacy, sends in their donation and receives a tax receipt.


To Donate a Smartphone, please contact:

Wendy Kampers

Yurek, Retail Sales Manager




For more information about the CNIB Foundation, please contact:

Karin McArthur

Lead, Marketing & Communications, CNIB Foundation Ontario