Men working out with gloves and a mask

Working Out During COVID, by Andy Li, Pharmacist

Now that we’re in Stage 3, Ontario gyms and fitness studios are open again. Safety measures such as size limits via online booking, physical distancing, and equipment between each user are in place. To combat the spread in high traffic areas, health experts are encouraging people to wear face coverings, however, there still continues to be some confusion surrounding the wearing of masks.

Here are some recommendations to consider: 

If you’re going for a run or bike ride outside, you generally don’t need a mask as the risk of transmission is decreased. Although, if you plan on being in close proximity to people outside, a mask is definitely a good idea.

As for indoor workouts, even though the amount of people allowed in at the same time is significantly decreased, people are still rapidly moving around. You can’t predict where someone intends on going, and the gym tends to be filled with narrow and tight spaces. Indoors, you also probably don’t know the nature of the ventilation and the potentially infectious droplets that could be spread. Wearing a mask adds a layer of protection!

Even though it’s a pain, it’s better to be safe and protected than sorry.

-Andy Li, Pharmacist