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By: Vishal Mehta, B.Pharm, RPh

Hemophilia is a rare, usually inherited disorder that causes excessive bleeding due to a lack of blood-clotting proteins. It may be mild or severe.

Common symptoms of hemophilia include:

  • many large or deep bruises,
  • pain or swelling of joints,
  • blood in urine or stool,
  • unexplained nosebleeds,
  • unexplained and excessive bleeding from injuries or after surgery or dental work,
  • unusual bleeding after vaccinations,
  • in infants, unexplained irritability,
  • rarely, brain bleeds.

Severe cases are usually diagnosed early in life, while mild forms may not appear until adulthood. Genetic testing can be used if there is a family history of hemophilia. Clotting-factor tests reveal the deficiency and the severity of the disease.

Severe cases are treated by infusing the clotting factor into a vein so the blood can clot properly. This therapy may be used during an active bleeding episode or employed regularly as a preventative measure. There are other therapies used to control bleeding and increase healing, such as new drugs or hormones and improved wound care.

At-home recommendations include:

  • Regular exercise,
  • Good dental hygiene,
  • Avoiding certain pain and blood-thinning medications,
  • Getting vaccinations,
  • Using safety equipment for sports,
  • Avoiding furniture with sharp corners,
  • Obtaining a medical alert bracelet.

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