By: Dan Degraw, Service & Repair Specialist – Mobility Division

Do it yourself (DIY) projects can save money, but did you know they are good for you? Tackling a physical task, whether a small quick-fix or substantial renovation, can be a healthy way to feed your mind, body, and spirit.

Physical work can help you disconnect from the rat race, unplug from the ether, and step away from your stressful daily life, giving you some breathing room to reconnect and be present. That mindfulness can help resist and prevent emotional disorders like depression and can even open the door for a sudden spark of creativity or help us remember that forgotten thing.

There is power in knowing you can fix or create something that will make your life better in some way. Working on a DIY project is a great way to build self-reliance and the confidence to resist picking up the phone every time something breaks. Likewise, when you step out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill, the boost in your self-esteem will spill over to other areas, giving you more control over your life. And who doesn’t like learning something that others will appreciate and admire?

Finally, when you’ve turned the last screw and applied the final coat of paint, it’s time to appreciate your handiwork. And oh, how the endorphins flow when you’ve accomplished a task! And it doesn’t even matter how your project looks or if it works at all. The effort created a better you. And that is worth all the DIY videos in the cyber world.