’Twas the night before Christmas, At the Yurek Pharmacy Store,

Steve suffered from Writer’s Block, He could not write one article more.


I’ve covered a plethora of topics, our poor writer lamented,

The Well has run dry, I’m Stuck he presented.

My editor has given me an early date,

Have it ready on time and please don’t be late.

I’ve covered Glaucoma and Grapefruits, LICE and the Flu,

Cholesterol and Cancer, and when you can’t go number 2.

Beestings and Sunburn, Diabetes when you’re ill,

Gout and Vaccines; and Travelling with Pills.

Osteoporosis and Gout; and What’s in the Juice,

I don’t know what to cover, oh What is the Use?

When out of my office, there came a loud roar,

It echoed and bellowed and it shook my door.

It sounded like a laugh, but considerably louder,

Like a shack with a tin roof during a hail shower

Like a lemur I leapt, and through my door with a bound,

To discover the nature of that loud laughing sound.

There stood a Jolly soul, at the blood pressure meter,

Laughing with customers and smiling, It was the owner, Peter.

So I expressed my concerns and told him of my stumbling,

Then deep in his chest, I heard a great rumbling.

He laughed out loud, his laugh was contagious,

He said “Steve, you never run out words; that’s just outrageous.”

“If you’re stuck for an article, please don’t despair,

Set yourself down at that computer over there.

Start typing the first thing that comes to your head,

If you can’t educate people, entertain them instead.

Type up a poem or just write a short story,

Let fingers hit the keys and never be sorry.”

So I typed a submission, with relative ease,

Hoping that to my readers it would appease.

A special to thanks to our customers, and my staff (I call them elves),

Merry Christmas to All and Take care of yourselves.