By Elizabeth Ailles, Registered Dietician, Central Community Health Centre, Downtown St. Thomas
NOW, what about you? Yes, we had the Spring Break — woohoo! But are we making sure we are “tuned-up” nutritiously?
We feed our children and make sure their diet is balanced. We keep our pets cared for and get them regular dose of exercise; but are we looking after ourselves? Spring is a great time for change! There is such vigour and desire to renew. Now is the time to reenergize.
Where to start – what can you do?
Let us look at change – but not an entire diet – just one small step at a time.  As was said, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”No need to make drastic changes – in fact, that can often lead to trouble – small steps lead to success. And if we look at this as a journey rather than a destination our mindset helps us embrace each day.
How to begin? Think positively and add, rather than thinking negatively and taking away.
Here are some simple but effective ways to improve your diet:
Add carrots to your lunch – great colour, fibre, nutrients and flavour
Add water, even half a glass, to your meal(s). Fluids are essential
Add chick peas or black beans to your salad; increases fibre, protein, healthy fats and a great change in taste
Look at your plate and ask: does it have colour?
Add a veggie if not Add a fruit as a snack, include some seeds. This pair offers energy, protein and satisfaction guaranteed
Start slowly, be kind, be patient. This journey is totally worthwhile.
Stay tuned for more. Next, how to begin this journey locally with foods grown, harvested and sold at our farms, markets and in stores or looking to grow some of your own.