Home infusion therapy has been in existence in Ontario for decades and serves as a safe and cost-effective method of treating most patients with minimal intrusion on their everyday lives.

It represents a vast arena of pharmaceutical services provided in the patients’ homes, retirement homes, long-term care facilities or infusion clinics.

Most of these medications involve administration through a needle or catheter, otherwise known as infusion, while others are administered via alternate routes such as intramuscular, epidural, and self-injectable means. Infusion medications are prescribed for both acute and chronic illnesses that cannot be effectively treated with oral medications alone.

We employ highly qualified registered technicians certified by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and specialized in sterile compounding. We also specialize in antimicrobial therapy/stewardship, pain management, and various individualized (patient-specific) hydration solutions.

We offer a variety of infusion pumps to meet the needs of all our patients, including Computerized Ambulatory Drug Delivery (CADD) and Sapphire pumps, convenient elastomeric pumps, and the traditional gravity administration method.

We utilize the latest technology as well as the tried-and-true standards to ensure we have a broad range of products for the safe administration of medications for all IV access devices. That includes peripheral intravenous catheters, peripherally-inserted central catheters (PICC), centrally-inserted central catheters (CICC) implanted venous ports, intraosseous, epidural and intrathecal administration. Infusion administration methods and various infusion sets in our inventory, (high and low volume CADD, Sapphire sets, and gravity sets, with and without control flow), to support even greater therapeutic choice and flexibility.

We offer reliable and flexible delivery options and medical waste pick-up for your convenience.