Parent speaking and consoling child

For many parents, the homestead has been turned into both an office and classroom as children are home full-time. Now that the school year has ended, it may seem hard to keep them occupied so you can perform the daily necessities. Here are some tips on how to parent during a pandemic:

-Acknowledge how you’re feeling. Make sure to talk to loved ones you trust (i.e. a parent or close friend) in hopes of sharing stories and laughs

-Try your best to set boundaries. Now that home is probably also your office, it may be hard for your family to understand that you’re still working. To help, designate a specific area to work in (ideally one that has a door that can be shut).

-Do you best to maintain a routine or some kind of structure.

-Practice self-care. Everyone needs to take time to ‘chill out.’ This can mean taking a walk, reading a book, listening to music, meditating, or whatever helps you to feel calm.

-Go easy on yourself. The pandemic is unchartered territory, and for many families, difficult to navigate. Give yourself room to breathe as not everything is going to go as planned.

-Address your children’s fear(s). Seeing people wear masks everywhere and only being able to have limited contact with friends and family members is scary, especially for young children. Make sure to have an open dialogue and address any questions they have.

Repeat after me: you’re capable. You can do this. Lots of other people are in the same boa