By: Eric Tran, Registered Pharmacist

Greetings! June is Men’s Health Month and it’s time to promote awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease amongst men. The focus is to encourage yearly physical examinations, screenings, self-exams, and mental health check-ups – as they are easy and important actions that can ensure you and/or your loved ones are in tip-top shape.

Data show that men and women vary significantly when comparing health. Did you know that:

  1. On average – men have a shorter life expectancy than women by approximately five years?
  2. The top three causes of death for men include heart disease, cancer and unintentional injuries
  3. Women are 33% more likely to seek their health provider than men

Men are often reluctant to seek medical help regularly or when required, and the top reasons for this behaviour include lack of time, fear of discovering a life-threatening problem, and the discomfort due to the personal nature of genitourinary health.

Only you know on a regular basis how your body feels. Should you feel any discomfort in your body, even in your private areas, please be diligent in seeking medical advice.

As a pharmacist, I encourage you and your loved ones to attend that yearly checkup. Attend the disease screenings (i.e. prostate, rectal, testicular) recommended by your health provider. And when in doubt, ask questions to your health provider – pharmacists included!