A baby will naturally spend a lot of time in the nursery, so it becomes extremely important to ensure it is a safe environment. 

A crib, cradle or bassinet that meets current Canadian safety guidelines would be the safest. It’s best to decorate the room and not the crib. Avoid any loose or soft items such as bedding sets, pillows or bumper pads — all of which can pose a suffocation risk to your baby. Essentially, you need a tight-fitting mattress with a fitted sheet. Make sure to keep hanging artwork and decorative items away from the crib so that they are not within reach of the child and don’t fall into the crib.

Keep the crib away from windows and make sure there are no cords attached to window coverings, as these could pose a strangulation risk to the baby. Baby monitors, lamps, sound machines, and humidifiers also may have associated electrical cords, and these must be kept well out of reach of the crib. 

Securing furniture can ensure it will never tip in case your baby or toddler decides to pull themselves up on it. Furniture tip-overs can cause extreme injuries or may even be fatal. If assembling nursery furniture yourself, ensure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions without skipping any steps. For best stability and security, consider securing the furniture to a stud with heavy-duty drywall anchors. 

By prioritizing safety in your baby’s nursery, you’re not just providing a secure environment for them to grow and thrive, but also offering yourself peace of mind. With these simple steps, you can rest assured knowing your little one is sleeping soundly in a safe and nurturing space.

By Vishal Mehta, Yurek Pharmacy & Home Healthcare Pharmacist