“No one will care how much you know unless they know how much you care”.  Many years ago, this was told to me by a professor.  She wanted to ensure that I understood that being competent was important as a pharmacist, but caring for patients needs to start with care and compassion.

Healthcare and especially medications have seen tremendous advancements in the last 30 years.   We have the ability to live longer and to live better than our parents and grandparents.  New therapies emerge constantly which improve on older therapies- some drugs are entirely new classes of medications with promise of a brighter future.

While technology and medical advances march forward, one constant still remains: our patient.  Now more than ever, patients need an advocate — someone they trust to help navigate the sea of medications — to help make sense and look out for their health and well-being.  Our pharmacists are highly skilled professionals who put our patients first by taking the time to listen and work together with our patients to reach the best outcomes.   We work with physicians, nurses and other health professionals as a team with the goal of improving our patients’ health.

Pharmacists are in the position to find unique solutions.  Customized compounded medications such as liquids, gummies or topically applied products can make the lives of our patients easier.  These allow pharmacists to tailor the medication to the individual rather than forcing the patient to adapt to the medication.

Pharmacists can also simplify complicated medication regimens and compliance package to help people remember to take their medications in the right dose at the right time.   This is important for those individuals who struggle to remember to take their medications.