Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are an important part of your family’s health team. They are regulated by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and thus are required to deliver a high standard of care.

When you visit a pharmacy, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity. Pharmacy professionals must always keep your personal health information private. Your pharmacist, with all their training and knowledge, can inform you about your prescribed medications and how to properly take them. You should feel comfortable asking questions or express concerns to the pharmacist or pharmacy manager. If you so desire, your pharmacist may speak to you in a quiet or private area of the pharmacy in order to discuss your health and medications.

The Ontario College of Pharmacists requires a pharmacy to have a separate patient consultation area in the pharmacy to allow for private conversations. This allows patients to talk to the pharmacist about their medications and health without being overheard by other customers. Other ways a pharmacist may protect your privacy is by moving to a quieter area of the pharmacy for a discussion, lowering their voice when explaining your medications and having your medication prepackaged, protected from the view of other customers. Phone conversations and timing your visit to off-peak periods are other ways to seek private conversations with your pharmacists.

Feeling comfortable and safe to have private conversations with your pharmacists about your medications and your health concerns is a vital part of your pharmacy visit. The level of privacy necessary is dependent on your comfort level and the medical issues involved. Having private conversations ensures open and honest communications between you and your pharmacist and allows you to become fully informed about your medications.