By Chad Baker, Home Accessibility Specialist, Yurek Mobility

Most of us take mobility for granted until moving around becomes painful, even dangerous. Stairs can be particularly challenging if you have a lower-body injury, disability, or joints long past their ‘best before’ date. Fortunately, chairlifts (motorized seats that safely carry you up and down stairs) solve that challenge. If stairs are a problem, here are the top three reasons a stairlift may be your solution.

  1. Access

The most obvious benefit is that stairlifts allow access to your entire home. If your mobility is limited, that access can restore your independence and freedom. That’s no small thing. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, loss of mobility can cause depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Regaining even some mobility can restore your mental health.

  1. Options

Unhindered movement gives you options. Leaving the home that you love because of inaccessibility may not be necessary with a stairlift. Ageing in place becomes possible without extensive renovations, where you can enjoy your whole house and not just one floor.

  1. Safety

Injured or ageing limbs can be unstable, and a set of stairs is a dangerous place to lose your balance. A motorized lift can prevent a devastating fall, serious injury, or worse. It can also reduce the fear of falling, promoting confidence and peace-of-mind. Stairlifts are also a temporary or short-term solution for a lower-body injury in otherwise healthy individuals, preventing additional strain, pressure, or a reoccurrence while undergoing rehabilitation.

A stairlift is a safe, affordable option for a confining mobility issue. With just one click, you can take back your freedom.