By: Chad Baker, Accessibility Specialist

Most of us start thinking of moving to a single-story home or a seniors’ living facility when getting around becomes painful, even dangerous. It’s frustrating when we find it difficult to climb stairs to get to our bathroom or bedroom. So, we begin to plan… leaving our beloved home for a more convenient place to live.

Before you decide to move, talk to someone who bought a stairlift.

The cost of moving to a new place, paying high rents or purchase prices — not to mention the emotional toll of leaving your comfortable home — is simply too high. On the other hand, a stairlift is one of the most practical solutions to regain comfort in the house where you’ve made a lot of memories. In fact, comparatively, a stair lift would pay for itself within a few months.

The average stairlift installation takes one day. By drilling a few small holes, the unit attaches to your stairs — thereby avoiding any impact on walls. Carpeting is left undisturbed, and your home remains as orderly as the installers found it.

You require no permits from the City Hall — just a regular electric outlet to plug in the stairlift.

Service concerns are handled by a comprehensive two-year parts warranty. Stairlifts that are well looked after need very little maintenance. However, should your unit need service, trust a local company you know that has been around for a long time.

Once the stairlift is in place, you’ll soon experience the following benefits:

  • Your stairs seamlessly reintegrate into your home, no longer a source of concern.
  • You rediscover the freedom to navigate your entire home effortlessly.
  • You reclaim the energy for more meaningful pursuits in life.
  • You stay happily ever after in the home you love.