By Vijay Nagpal, HR Generalist Writing Help You Feel Better

By Vijay Nagpal, HR Generalist

You may be wondering – Who writes these days? Why should I bother using my time to write? Well, writing offers a plethora of benefits for individuals of all ages and takes only as much time as you put into it. While many prefer to type and use a computer, there are many more benefits for those who choose to write by hand. Here is how writing helps you feel better:

  1. Writing Helps You Think & Solve Problems

We have millions of thoughts that cross our minds every day. This can be overwhelming and make it hard to process which thoughts deserve more attention. When you write out your thoughts, prioritizing becomes a lot easier.

In a world where we never seem to have enough time, writing down your thoughts allows you to concentrate and channel your energy for just the important ideas. This also applies to problem solving. Hence, why many successful business owners use writing as a tool to them with their day-to-day challenges and making better decisions.

  1. Writing Helps with Memory and Creativity

When writing becomes a regular habit, it is known to increase creativity, deepen thinking, and sharpening your brain. Writing unlocks the creative side of your brain, a muscle which continues to grow stronger the more you write. As your creativity increases, it can help you formulate a variety of ideas, problem solve, craft short stories, pathway to your life goals, and much more. In fact, writing by hand steers your mind towards new observations and conclusions.

Writing is a great way to help your memory retain information for the long-term. This is why some diligent students use notetaking as a method of studying.

  1. Writing is Therapeutic

According to University of Rochester Medical Center, those who write are known to be happier, understand themselves better, and experience improved mental health. Many professionals suggest writing for patients who face mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Writing helps sort through a lot of emotions and identify the underlying causes. This process is similar to venting with a friend and is a great stress reliever. It’s definitely a panacea for me!

If you’re new to writing, I recommend a simple journal where you write everything for which you are grateful — daily. 

Writing is a cost-effective, fun hobby that does not require much time. “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words!” — Mark Twain. And “when something goes wrong in your life, just yell “plot twist” and keep going!”

Happy writing!