We all go through life never knowing what may be around the corner for us. Our paths can take various twists and turns – health issues, both major and minor, may creep up on us with no warning – and at any age. These challenges that you or your loved ones may face could be short term, long term, or they may be permanent.

Home healthcare products are there to help you with every health hurdle that may creep up , no matter how small or brief. Home healthcare is not just wheelchairs, beds, walkers, scooters and lift chairs etc – there are so many different products available to make life easier and more comfortable.

So what are home healthcare products?

Back and seat supports to help with aches and pains related to posture and to give a little more support than a regular seat. Car heat and massage cushions for comfort while driving. Pillows – from regular memory foam cushions to special pillows to help with neck pain and comfort

Various types of bracing for those sports injuries – or just for extra support while being active – ankle, knee, back, elbow and wrist. Heat pads can help with those pulls and strains

Have your arm/leg in a cast?  There are protective covers for showering and also for swimming

Your doctor needs you to keep an eye on your blood pressure – blood pressure monitors are available and if prescribed, check with your insurance as they may reimburse you if you submit your invoice

Any issues with incontinence – it is a topic people do not like to discuss or ask for advice – in a home healthcare store you have the privacy to be able to discuss this with a customer service representative who can help you find the right product for your needs

Have an elderly family member coming to visit who struggles to get out and about and you would like to take them to parks, a stroll along the river etc – you can always rent a transport chair for a week to make it easier for them to get around and enjoy their visit

Home healthcare is not just for the times that you are ill – home healthcare is also there to help you over little hurdles and to make things just that bit easier