Students wearing mask and physically distancing.

At the time, the status of kids going back to school in September is up in the air. However, there are many things  we can do in order to prepare our children for returning to the classroom.  


Let’s face it, our kids may feel nervous to get back to school, especially since they finished up the previous school year at home. It also may be difficult for younger children to understand why they have to stay a certain distance away from their friends. Please reassure them that these safety measures are to keep everyone safe. Additionally, try to emphasize the positives such seeing their friends again and learning new topics.  


In case schools make it mandatory to wear masks, please approach this conversation with empathy. Some of our kids may get irritated with having to play outside while wearing a mask and who can blame them? We need to explain why it’s important that we follow recommended safety guidelines (i.e. to keep the vulnerable members of our community safe).  


Make sure to also encourage lots of handwashing, show them how to cough or sneeze in their elbow, and ensure they know to tell you when they’re not feeling well. Remember to be patient, calm and understanding as the world has drastically changed in the course of just a few months. We are asking our kids to adapt to a lot.  


Take care of your neighbours and we’ll all be healthier.