By Tim Wong, Director Sales & Marketing

The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors, and one-third of older Canadians experience one or more falls each year. Here are four simple steps to help you prevent a fall.

1. Assess your risk

Disorders, especially those of the eyes or ears, may increase your risk. Do your legs feel unstable or hurt when you walk? Do you have dizzy spells? Some medications may contribute to those factors. A Yurek pharmacist will advise if your prescriptions might affect your balance. Re-assess annually or at every change in medication or health status. Knowing your fall risk will help you make safer choices!

2. Stay active

Regular physical activity keeps you strong, improves your balance and coordination, and prevents joints and ligaments from stiffening up. Join an activity group for added social connection and support.

3. Use available tools

Footwear is crucial to your stability, and ill-fitting or slippery shoes can contribute to a fall. If you are unsteady, consider mobility or assistive devices like walkers, canes, or crutches. Theywill help give you the support you need. Handrails, grab bars, shower seats, and raised toilets also help keep daily living safe.

4. Manage your space

Better lighting, clear walking paths, and mobility safety equipment will help avoid a fall at home. Yurek’s Mobility department’s Safely at Home guide is packed with ways to prevent a fall:

Contact your Yurek pharmacist for more information or find an extensive list of resource