By Peter Yurek, BSc.Phm.
One of the simplest ways to make an extremely  positive impact on someone’s life is by donating blood. Blood donors may not consider themselves heroes, but they can make all the difference in a recipient’s life.

Blood isn’t the only donation that is needed. Plasma, stem cells, organs and tissues are also essential. On top of that, financial donations and volunteers are always welcome.

This act of altruism can have many positive benefits to the donor as well. It can boost your mood by giving you a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction. Blood donations are often celebrated and recognized within communities. Some blood banks and organizations acknowledge and honour regular donors, instilling positive feelings, validation, and pride.

Canadian Blood Services is located at 820 Wharncliffe Rd S. You can also register a team and raise awareness through group donations and events such as a Blood Drive. Selfless acts of kindness and generosity are always more fun with family and friends.

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