Q: Who needs compression garments?

  • Everyone, for some as early as in their teens!
  • Lymphedema, Lipedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency  
  • Those going through post-operative recovery may benefit from compression garments since they help minimize swelling, reduce pain, and prevent blood clots.
  • Athletes looking to aid muscle recovery.
  • People with tired, aching or heavy-feeling legs, and swelling (Edema) from long periods of sitting or standing.
  • People who are travelling, over-the-counter stockings help prevent blood clots and swelling.

Q: Do I need to get a prescription?

  • Not necessarily for mild symptoms. You can get over-the-counter stockings.
    • The more symptoms that you have, the more likely you’ll need a prescription.
    • Your family doctor will give you a prescription
    • Prescriptions are required for private insurance coverage.

Q: What’s the difference between getting an over-the-counter stocking and a medical-grade stocking?

  • Over-the-counter stockings have low compression and are based on your shoe size, ankle and calf circumference. They are usually 15-20 mmHg of mercury pressure.
  • Medical/custom-grade stocking requires a prescription and is measured by a certified compression fitter. You need an appointment for consultation and measuring.
  • Both medical and customs stockings are fitted to the individual needs and medical condition
  • Most people will wear 20-30 mmHg, but also available up to 60 mmHg compression.

Q: Ok, so if I get custom stockings how much of a say would I get in how they look?

  • There are many different fabrics and textures
    • Many colours to choose from, including patterns, and even crystals.
    • As well, we are adding trend colours based on seasons.

Answers from Deborah Topping our Compression Sales Consultant, ADP Certified Fitter, CSW

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