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Heelift AFO Ultra

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UPC: ‘10831727005798
Brand: Heelift

Features of the Heelift AFO Ultra include:

Durable, soft, smooth exterior: 
Allows the patient’s leg to glide easily across the sheets.

Semi-rigid polypropylene brace:   
Orthotics that are rigid can put patients at risk. The Heelift AFO Ultra’s semi-rigid polypropylene brace, along with soft foam and fabric inner lining provide the best possible control of the ankle’s position and motion while also allowing for limited weight bearing.

Non-slip traction sole:  
Heelift AFO Ultra has a non-slip traction sole that allows limited weight bearing while also preventing slippage. This assists in transfers from bed, wheel chairs, commode, or physical therapy. Assistance is still recommended for ambulating patients.

Ultra Grip inner lining: 
Made of a breathable fabric that can be wiped clean for easier day-to-day maintenance while effectively holding the leg in place.

Ref #: 10831727005798

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