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Durasorb Blue Underpads

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Product Details
Brand: Durasorb

The highly absorbent pad can be used under a chair or bed cover.Helps protect against leakage and resists melting. Ideal for use as an overnight pad.

Features and Benefits

  • Hospital Bed Pad

  • For Use as Chair or Bed Cover

  • Spunbond Nonwoven Topsheet

  • Allows Fluid to Pass Quickly Into Fluff Core

  • Provides Incontinent Protection

  • Maintains Patient Comfort

  • Backsheet Helps Heavy Absorbency Needs

  • Backing Helps Protect Against Leakage and Resists Melting

  • Ideal for Use as Overnight Pad

Ref # Size
23″x 24″ 1038 50’s
23″x 36″ 1093 10’s


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