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Contec Pulse Oximeter

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ACCURATE, FAST AND RELIABLE – the CMS 50 DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter accurately determines your SpO2 in less than 8 seconds

SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS – For aviators, sporting enthusiasts, skiers, bikers, or high altitude climbing, the CMS 50 DL is a RELIABLE companion for quick and easy readings for oxygen saturation

THE ORIGINAL STANDARD – Setting the original standard for reliable and consistent pulse oximetry, the CMS 50 DL is backed by an ironclad 12 month warranty

PACKED WITH ACCESSORIES – Includes 2X AAA batteries that enables use out of the box, a pulse oximeter case to protect the device when not in use, and a LANYARD for convenience as either a wrist strap or to be worn around the neck

DESIGNED For Sports and Aviation Enthusiasts and can be used as a heart rate monitor



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