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BIOS Temp Scanner Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer with Telescopic Stand

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UPC: 5747500000
Brand: Bios

The BIOS Temp Scanner uses advance infrared technology to measure human body temperature instantly and accurately at the forehead. This non-contact thermometer can be mounted on a stand or the wall and will take temperature readings in one second from up to 10 cm away.

This commercial sized thermometer is great for taking the temperature of staff,
patients, daycare children, students, factory employees and more. This non-contact
thermometer is non-invasive and takes a temperature reading instantly.

If a fever is detected a red light is displayed along with 10 short beeps. If no
fever is detected a green light is displayed.


  • Health Canada Approved

  • Takes your Measurement in 1 Second Uses advanced infrared (IR) technology to measure temperature accurately on the forehead or an object/surface in only 1 second and the measurement distance is within 1-10 cm.

  • Colour visible indication of alarm and alarm sounds when body temperature is 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher, LED light indicator will light up red and an alarm sounds 10 times.

  • 2 year warranty

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