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Aquacel Ag+ Extra 10cm x 10cm

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All the benefits of AQUACEL® EXTRA™ dressing plus ionic silver to kill a broad spectrum of wound pathogens in the dressing including MRSA, VRE, and E coli, as demonstrated in vitro. Provides rapid20 and sustained antimicrobial activity. Composed of two layers of Hydrofiber® Technology stitched together. Same gelling benefits of the original AQUACEL® Ag dressing, but is 9X stronger20 and 50% more absorbent. Cleared for the same indications as original AQUACEL® Ag dressing. May be used to help manage low to highly exuding wounds. Is a soft, sterile, microbicidal pad dressing that can be used on open wounds at risk of infection (as part of a comprehensive protocol of care) including: leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, partial-thickness burns, post-op wounds, and oncology wounds with exudate (e.g., Kaposi’s sarcoma and angiosarcoma). Can be used on surgical incisions, traumatic wounds, abrasions and lacerations.
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