Picture of Daria Horbal, Pharmacist from Yurek Pharmacy St. Thomas Eating Seasonally

We have an old Italian client who attributes much of her good health to, “eating with the season”. She emphasizes, “It was just the way of life in the old country, taking whatever the seasons give you”. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is one of many components that makes the Mediterranean diet healthy. This lifestyle also includes lots of nuts, legumes, beans, healthy fats from olive oil and fish. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables is an important part of good nutrition, thus lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity and other ailments.

I, too, enjoy seasonal eating. It’s my pathway to building a broader diet variety.  Buying produce in season is an easy step towards better eating habits. Eating seasonally and locally also means reaping the benefits of more nutrient dense produce that has ripened naturally and is consumed soon after being harvested. Living in the centre of Ontario’s farming heartland, I encourage you to look beyond broccoli, onions and other vegetables that are available year-round. Please try shopping at Horton’s Market or Common Ground Farms, and grocery stores that will expose you to more local options.

We need seven to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day and 90% of the population does not eat enough of them. When grocery shopping, keep in mind the wise words of Sally Edwards: “If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food.

By Daria Horbal, BSc.Phm.