I did it. I am now back on phase one of the Ideal Protein Protocol. It was mentally hard getting back on the program, especially since I am doing it alone now. Yep, as I thought, Cody has decided he has lost enough weight and did not go back on phase one after the Christmas break as planned. I agreed with his decision, but that has meant more challenges for me to face.

If you’ve been following my posts since day one, you’ll know that for me getting into ketosis was horrible. I had a lot of nausea and headaches which lasted a solid five days. Knowing this, I was NOT looking forward to getting back into ketosis but my coach, Linda, assured me that it wouldn’t be as bad as the first time. She was right. I did have headaches like the first time, but the nausea wasn’t nearly as bad. Plus, the symptoms only lasted three days instead of five!

When your body goes into ketosis, it will shed a lot of its water weight which is why in the first two weeks of phase one you lose a lot more than you would normally. Over the Christmas break I gained five pounds back (water weight) and after this week I lost eight which brings my overall total weight loss to 31 lbs and 19”. I was so happy that I was able to lose everything I gained over the break in just one week; now I’m back on track!

Surprisingly, I found that I miss the luxury of being able to make my own lunches from phase two. I say surprisingly because during phase two I complained about the need to make my lunches instead of just grabbing a bar. I think I miss the variety. Ever since going on this program, I’ve become very sensitive to the textures of my food. As such, a lot of the delicious Ideal Protein food is not for me. I’ve come to like only a few things so I don’t get a lot of variety. I think when I get to phase two again, I’ll be a lot more thankful.

I’ve had to make a rule in the house. I told Cody that while he is at work, he can eat whatever he wants (he just can’t tell me about it) but while he’s at home, I don’t want to see, smell or hear any food I can’t have. Strict? Maybe. Cody understands though. To be honest, being back on the program without him hasn’t been as tough as I thought it was going to be. I thought that if we didn’t have the exact same things I was going to get unmotivated. But, during the week Cody had carrots as his veggie and I had green beans. I love carrots, but they are a food that is not allowed on the program. Turned out, this didn’t bother me at all. Now, if it was a hamburger vs my salad, things might have been different! It has only been one week, so it could get harder; I’m optimistic though!

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