Let me start off by saying that this week had its ups and downs! Wow! I went back to my old ways and had to have Cody hide the scale. Yep, the bad habit of weighing myself everyday because…well…I cheated. Valentine’s Day got me. I had my favourite Thai dish (Coconut Green Curry) from my favourite Thai restaurant. So, every day after that day, I wanted to see how badly I screwed up my weight loss. Surprisingly, I don’t think it was affected at all. However, that’s not what I saw when I stepped on the scale on February 15.


As anyone who’s ever been on Ideal Protein knows, your weight will fluctuate depending on how much water your body retains. This week I ignored this fact.  When I weighed myself the morning after Valentine’s Day, nothing had changed from the day before. So I convinced myself that it was just going to take a little more time to register. Then I weighed myself again the next day and it went up by 0.4 lbs. But I wasn’t all too concerned; 0.4 lbs isn’t a bad price to pay for my favourite meal.


The next day, we had friends over and we all decided on ordering Greek food. I ordered the healthiest thing I could find (Gyro meat and a side of Greek Salad with no cheese) and felt pretty good about my choice. But! Because this was the first time trying Greek food on this program, I wanted to weigh myself the next morning to see if it tampered with my weight loss. Another 0.4 lbs up. Naturally, I got upset and vowed that I would only have things that I KNEW was Ideal Protein approved.


This time, because I ate healthy, I had to check the next morning whether I’d lost anything. I did…but only 0.4 lbs. I was getting really frustrated and a little depressed; after all, I had just weighed myself four days in a row and wasn’t seeing any positive results.  That’s when I asked Cody to hide the scale.


In order to keep you up to date with my progress, I weighed myself this morning (only two days after Cody hid the scale) and I was so shocked with the number that I weighed myself twice because I was sure the scale made a mistake! Since the last time I weighed myself, I’d lost 2lbs! Either I had been retaining a lot of water, the scale was getting back at me for weighing myself everyday or the scale decided to reward me for taking it out of dark closet.  Regardless, I am still shocked. That means that in the past week, I lost a total of 2.8 lbs, which brings my total weight loss to 45.2 lbs in just under five months. Wow!


My goal is to lose 50 lbs, so now I will go onto Phase Two of Ideal Protein. (45 lbs is 90% of 50 lbs.) If you didn’t already know, when you hit 90% of your weight loss goal, you go on Phase Two for two weeks, then you go on Phase Three for two weeks then you go into maintenance (Phase Four).


Phase Two means I will eat the same type of meal for lunch as I would for dinner. If you’re new to these blogs, you wouldn’t know that I’ve already been through phasing off. I phased off for Christmas break. I mention this because I think Phase Two is my least favourite of the three phases. It’s hard to prepare lunch when you’re so limited on what you can and can’t eat, and I don’t really like leftovers. But! I am still very excited. I see the light at the end of my weight loss journey tunnel!


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