Week nine was the first full week we were on phase two of Ideal Protein. As I mentioned last week, eating 8 oz of meat and two cups of veggies was not the easiest of tasks — especially when on a week day. I made myself a lot of cabbage soup, but I got bored with it really quickly. It was nice when we had leftovers from supper the day before.


I would be lying if I did not admit to counting down the days before I get to sink my teeth into some bread. However, as the Holidays are approaching, I’m kind of wondering if I’m cheating myself.  No, I don’t mean that I’m eating foods I’m not supposed to.  I mean, I wonder if I’m letting myself down by phasing off for Christmas.  I know that I will enjoy my trip A LOT more if I’m not limited to phase one ingredients.  But what weight would I be at now if we hadn’t started phasing off?  I’d be closer to my goal, I know that. It’s something I’ve been grappling with.


Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely be going back on Phase One in the New Year. I think for my own mental health that phasing off is the right thing to do. My mind will always wonder though.


Next week will not only be the first time I get to have bread in over two months, it’s also my birthday. Yes, I am one of the unfortunate souls who has a birthday in the same month as Christmas. So, next weekend I will be having a birthday/Christmas party with a big group of friends. Normally, we’d buy chips and snacks to serve, but this time I don’t know what to do with the table. Should I put chips out? Probably, if I want to be a good host. But then it will be so tempting to have some. Maybe I should only put out flavours I don’t like (lol). I suppose I’ve been through worse temptations on this program.


Thinking about where I am now versus where I was — when it comes to the way I think of food — is astonishing. A week wouldn’t go by without getting take out for either lunch or supper… or, if I’m being honest, both.  I would see food not as something to fuel my body or give it nutrients, I saw it as something I enjoyed tasting.  Now, I look at a meal and say, “Yep, I have my protein and I have my veggies and that will be enough to get me to my next meal.”  I have always had a hard time knowing when to eat.  Some days I notice it is 2:00 pm and I haven’t eaten since 9:00 am. But now, I am paying attention more to my energy level.  If I feel like I need a nap, I look at the clock and notice I haven’t eaten for a while.  Sure enough, a little bit after I eat, I am back to normal.


Not going to lie, I was very disappointed this week when I stepped on the scale. I was expecting to have gone down at least two pounds. However, because we are now eating more that wasn’t the case. Instead, I lost 1.4 lbs which brings my total to 27 lbs lost.  Not only have I lost 27lbs, I’ve lost a total of 14 inches (this includes inches lost from my chest, hips, waist, arms and thighs).


Speaking of eating, as I am writing this post, on the stove is a pot of our new favourite meal. CHILI! Yes, that’s right, I found a great Ideal Protein friendly chili recipe. I’m just going to plop it down right at the end of this post for you. Just be mindful that you don’t go over your tomato limit for the week J



1 pound lean ground beef, approximately 93% lean

1 teaspoon rubbed sage

1 bunch green onions – chopped

1 teaspoon paprika

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

4 cups chopped bell peppers

1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes – I use the petite ones!

2 tablespoons tomato paste – don’t need to use if you use less water

2 tablespoons chili powder

Kosher or sea salt to taste

2 cups water




Cook beef in a large skillet on medium heat, breaking up beef into small pieces, when almost done add bell peppers, and green onions (if you want to add some leeks this is when you want to add them).  Drain any fat and add sage, paprika, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt.  Stir.  Add tomatoes, chili powder and water and stir.  Cook on low/medium (should bubble a bit) for about 2 hours.  Add more water if it’s too thick or if you want it thicker, add some tomato paste.

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