I am writing this post late on a Sunday knowing that in less than 12 hours I will have eaten bread! That’s right, phase three starts tomorrow. I am so beyond excited. Not only am I excited to eat bread, but I am excited to have met my goal. That’s right. When I weighed in this morning, the scale told me I had lost a total of 50.2 lbs. Wow. When I started this journey at the end of September 2018, fifty pounds felt like just a number. Did I know that I would be sitting here fifty pounds lighter, feeling amazing, only five months later? No. Five months. That’s all it took.  I knew this program worked, but my results still astound me.


I’ve been keeping my friends on Facebook updated on my journey. When I posted today that I reached my goal, I was called an inspiration. An inspiration? Really? I’ve never thought of myself this way. Nor did I ever think anyone would every call me one. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I just had a lot of determination and will power.


This upcoming weekend is going to be a bit tough. We are going to go visit family and stay at their place for a few days. I’m worried that I’ll ruin my progress because the food they serve won’t be Ideal Protein friendly. I don’t want to bother them by saying I can only have these specific things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, I will most likely be bringing my own cereal and fruit to help out…which makes me one of THOSE people. Eugh. You know, the stereotypical people who go to stay in someone else’s house but bring all their own food because obviously their food isn’t good enough. Luckily, I have pretty understanding family.


When I look back on where I was when I started this program, I have come so far. I HATED my body. I was afraid to step on a scale, couldn’t stand going shopping for clothing, wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror. Not to mention how I saw myself in pictures. NOW…well let’s just say everything has flip flopped. I went shopping for a birthday present for my mother and couldn’t help but go look in the medium section for myself. That’s right! I’m a medium now. I don’t remember the last time I fit in a medium shirt. Probably high school. I still don’t know what size pants I need to buy. I tried shopping for some new jeans, but my three new t-shirts/blouses were enough of a splurge for me this week.


I see a trip to Old Navy in my future and I can’t wait!

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