I’m going to be real with you. I’ve been putting off writing this post because in week four, I was not strong. As I mentioned at the end of my last blog post, I had a wedding to go to. This wedding was for two of my and Cody’s very good friends and we figured it wouldn’t hurt to indulge a little bit. They are only going to get married once, we should enjoy ourselves, right? So, I had the mashed potatoes at dinner, the dessert and a couple drinks. The guilt and anger towards myself set in the next morning and I refused to step on the scale to see what I had done. I was so proud, the day before the wedding I’d lost 16.5 lbs and I wanted to ride that joy a little bit longer.


Sure enough, reality eventually set in and when I weighed myself, I had gone up by 2.5 lbs. After just one indulgence! I couldn’t believe it. On this program, you’re offered the support not only by your coach, but through daily videos by Dr. Wilkinson. Through these videos I’ve learned the science behind why cheating is so bad on this program (your body gets out of ketosis so when you go back on the program it takes a while for your body to get back in it), so I knew I’d gain weight but not that much. I’m not going to lie, I am still very embarrassed by my lack of will power and haven’t told my coach. But, one thing is for certain, I’m NEVER going to cheat again.


I know that by cheating, I’ve only really cheated myself. Was it worth it? Right now, I’m saying no. The amount of guilt I feel, and the disappointment is sometimes too much to think about. But in the long run, I think I’ll be happy we enjoyed our best friend’s wedding.


Now enough of all the sorrow! I wanted to mention that we tried “Zoodles” in week four! Zoodles are zucchini that have been prepared thinly so they resemble noodles. I believe I mentioned them before, and that I was afraid to try them. So, how’d they turn out? Well, let’s just say I probably won’t be making them for a while. Cody enjoyed them, but he enjoys everything I make (or so he says). I don’t think I cooked them long enough (although every article I read said to only cook them for 5 minutes tops) and it was basically like eating raw zucchini. I will definitely try again another day, but not in the near future.


To end this post on a positive, I wanted to tell you something I’ve noticed lately. Pretty much all my adult life, I’ve had quite a bloated stomach. So much so, I’ve had four people outright ask if I was pregnant and many more who have just assumed (always ruining my day). Since being on this program, my stomach has deflated! I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror the other day. I can now even see my toes when I look down (which is kind of sad when you think about how happy that makes me). Slowly but surely, I am starting to see changes in myself and if you’ve ever been on a weight loss journey, you know how hard it is to see changes in yourself!

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