If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you will know that we’re phasing off the Program for Christmas. Therefore, we started phase two a few days ago and boy what a change — mentally! Lunch has always been my worst meal. You know how most people skip breakfast (very unhealthy btw)?  Well I used to skip lunch! Or I would order lunch from one of the many food ordering apps. Wrapping my head around eating a normal, non IP meal at work was challenging.


Cody is easy, he can eat the same thing every day. I cannot. I get bored and consequently won’t end up eating at all. Since going on Ideal Protein, we have been cooking extra of whatever we have for supper for the next day’s lunch. Leftovers and I have never gotten along but I’m doing it.


Other than that, not much is different on phase two. I do quite like that it is gradually easing us back into having our own meals instead of saying, “Yep okay, you’re done. You’re on your own.” Of course, our Coach Linda helped in this transition; she answered all my questions. I will admit though; the week has gone by slower because of these lunches. After two weeks of phase two, we’ll go to phase three and that’s where I can have bread again! Well, bread in moderation. I’m counting down the days. I have lost count of how many times I’ve dreamt about bread.


This week we discovered, or should I say rediscovered, roast chicken. We may have gone on a little bit of a roast chicken binge. By that I mean, we had roast chicken four times this week. I’ve now out roast chickened myself. Twice this roast chicken was from Swiss Chalet (once for Cody’s father’s birthday and another time taking his mother out to eat). The other two times we got some from the grocery store. I don’t know why it took us so long to do this. It really is such a great meal to have that is healthy (once you peel off the skin) and with the leftovers, I made Cody some chicken soup for lunch. I love making soup. I never use a recipe. This time, I just put in broth, celery (this really makes a difference to the taste of the soup), salt, pepper, green onions, a little jalapeño and VOILA! Delicious chicken soup; it took me a few times before I dropped “noodle” from the name. Weird how certain things get so ingrained into your brain that “Chicken Soup” sounds off without the word noodle.


I had another successful full week without weighing myself. It is getting easier to not obsess over, but the constant wondering if something I ate during the week will affect me has not gone away. I am, however, happy to report that this week I lost 2.2lbs which brings my total to 25.5 lbs. Half way to my goal! Upon reflection, I haven’t weighed this little in two years. I’ve lost two years worth of weight in two months! That seems unfathomable to me; yet, I’ve done it.

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