Well folks! I did it! I’ve reached phase two! Can I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel now! I started phase two at the beginning of the week and has it ever been a change. I shouldn’t be so startled by this change as I’ve gone through it before (as I phased off for Christmas Break). What’s changed? I’m now having the same amount of food for lunch as I do for dinner, that’s a total of 16 oz of meat a day. That’s A LOT. I will be honest, I’ve been struggling with this. My coach, Linda, definitely understands that eating 8 oz of meat twice a day is tough which makes me feel less alone. I actually have a hard time finishing my meals…meals that wouldn’t have made me close to full only five months ago.


As you can see by the picture of this post, I’m now ring-less! That’s right, I’ve lost enough weight that all three rings that were previously stuck on my fingers are now sitting in a ring dish in my bedroom. I’ve decided to give my poor fingers a break from lugging around those rings. I will admit, I feel pretty naked without them. I still go to feel for my ring, out of comfort and am surprised when they aren’t there. I freak out for a second (thinking that I lost them) before I remember my recent triumph.


After five months, I’ve lost 48 lbs. That’s nearly 10lbs per month! When I’m done with the program, I’m going to enjoy myself for a couple months and when my break is done, I plan to lose an extra ten pounds by going to the gym. Before going on Ideal Protein, going to the gym and losing weight seemed impossible. Even ten pounds was unrealistic. As I mentioned before, the most weight I’ve lost previous to this journey was ten pounds and that was by going to the gym. However, those ten pounds took me a good six months to lose because I still wasn’t eating right at home. Now, because of Ideal Protein and the lessons it’s taught me, I know how to eat healthy. I know that those ten pounds I plan to lose in the gym are going to be A LOT easier to shed.


Next week brings another week of phase two but it’s SO much closer to bread!

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