First of all, Paula and Cody have made me a very proud coach. I believe starting the Ideal Protein Protocol together played an important role in their success. Why? The first week on the program is always the hardest. The body is essentially hooked on sugar, as if it were a drug. So, when we take sugar out of our diet, our body goes into withdrawal, symptoms of which can range from nausea to fatigue to headaches.  Paula and Cody experienced all of these. When they told me they were experiencing withdrawal, they mentioned that both of them were experiencing these symptoms.  It made their journey easier to get through because they understood how each other was feeling.


As they progressed, they faced many challenges including going out to eat for a family occasion. In one of our weekly coaching meetings, Cody brought up that he was concerned about what to find to eat at the restaurant. He mentioned that he and Paula ended up looking at the menu online beforehand and went through every single menu item. Nothing was Ideal Protein friendly. This is when the fact they were doing this together truly shined. If Cody was by himself, he admitted that he would have just gotten something that wasn’t Ideal Protein friendly like a burger. However, he had Paula there to say that she would ask the waiter/waitress to make slight changes to the meal (for example, omitting carrots and replacing them with asparagus). Without her support, Cody would have felt uncomfortable asking for changes to their menu. If she wasn’t on the program, she would not have understood the limitations of the menu and the changes that the restaurant could have made.


This is just one example of why I believe that in only 12 weeks Cody was able to lose 45 lbs and 25” and Paula was able to lose 50 lbs and 21.5” in 21 weeks. These are incredible numbers! Men lose weight easier than women, which is why there is a difference in their weight loss. However, I believe neither of these numbers would be as impressive if they had not entered the program together. If you are thinking about joining the Ideal Protein Protocol, don’t hesitate to give me or one of my fellow coaches a call at 519 631 3330. We’d be happy to help you whether you’re signing up with a loved one or by yourself.

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