Week 7 done! As the weeks go on this program gets easier and easier.  When I began the program, I have thought the portion sizes were extremely small; especially the breakfast and lunch meals. But as I continued to learn about the food on this program, the portions went from being very small to perfect sizes. I guess when it came down to it, my body and mind adapted.


I do have to admit as I am getting closer and closer to my goals, I like my self-image more and more. I don’t feel and look as bloated as I use to be. Both Paula and I are in the same mindset; this diet had added a positive spin to our attitudes and has added a boost in our lives. My whole self-image has changed. I ponder from time to time about the outcome of the diet will turn out. How I will look after I’ve lost all this weight? How will my lifestyle be? Will I be able to sustain it without the ideal protein meals? Then I think about them logically.


I will look like myself but with a little less weight, I will be living a healthier lifestyle with more energy and of course I will maintain this lifestyle. Not only have I learned loads while being on this diet, I also have our amazing coach, Linda. She’s always there to help us out when we need it. That is one thing that I like about this diet. Having a coach to motivate us or answer any questions we might have is so helpful. In the end, all I have to do is remind myself, if I ever have a problem or need any encouragement I can always turn to our coach.


Later in the week, the topic of my diet came up between my supervisor and myself again.  Every once in a while, my supervisor has asked me how my diet is going and how much weight I have lost. This time, when I informed her that I had lost 35lbs in 7 weeks, she wasn’t only impressed but also wanted the name of the program again. She went in depth of how she has tried many different diets, but none stuck. She always found one thing or another to stop and binge. She said that the fact she is single and had to do the diet alone hindered her success and she finds it very difficult to cook meals for herself when it is so much easier to order out. When I went into further details of the program, especially that you don’t do it alone because you get a coach it really peaked her interest. It made me feel grateful that I have someone like Paula with me to encourage me during my journey.


I am one step closer to my goal with another week in the bag. This week I have lost I have lost a total of 4lbs, which brings my over all weight lost to 35 lbs. I thank everyone for their continuous support and encouragement. My goal is just around the corner and I can’t wait.