When compared to the previous week, this past week was actually pretty good. There wasn’t any big get-together like a wedding or Thanksgiving! These events created large challenges for us in the first week. However, this week did have some other challenges that I wasn’t expecting and were stressful for me.


Halfway through the week I was in a car accident. Don’t worry, I am feeling fine; I just had whiplash. My car on the other hand is not. As I am sure some of you know, car accidents are just that, accidents. But they do cause a lot of stress. In the past, binge eating was my way of dealing with stress. But now that we’re on Ideal Protein, that cannot happen. I had to stay strong and keep to the Program. I kept on reminding myself that I had gotten through Thanksgiving and a wedding, and I can get through this as well. In the end, I did not surrender to any of my cravings. In fact, until this point, I haven’t had any real cravings or urges for the sugary beverages I use to drink every day. This is very shocking, because only a couple weeks ago, I would need at least two every day to function.


During the weekend we invited a couple of friends over. This type of get together wasn’t as bad as Thanksgiving or the wedding that we had last week. In fact, it was a total success. Our friends were very understanding about our weight loss journey and even encouraged us to reach our goals. We ended up cooking a pot roast with green beans and broccoli and served it for dinner. This was a huge change from ordering whatever the majority of the group was craving. In the past, we would normally order things like Chinese food or pizza. Our Ideal Protein Coach, Linda encouraged us to think outside box and plan a meal for our friends. Not only was it exciting, it was satisfying cooking a meal for more other than just ourselves.


As the week ended, I weighed myself to see how my progress was going. This week I lost just over 4lbs for a total of 14lbs. This wasn’t as good as the first week, but I am very proud of my accomplishments so far. I am one step closer to my goal! I can already see myself changing my lifestyle!