Yet another successful week completed. This is the first full week of being on phase two (our “phasing off for Christmas plan”) and I have to say wow! Surprisingly I am finding phase two a little bit more challenging than I was expecting. Preparing and cooking meals for lunch is a lot harder than taking an Ideal Protein meal with you to work. Of course, our homemade food tastes better than an Ideal Protein meal, but making it the day before is way more time consuming. That said, it is totally worth the headache. All we’ve had to do is double batch for dinner and take left overs for lunch. Problem solved. I enjoyed having leftover beef and broccoli with cauliflower rice, chicken and green beans and chicken soup for lunch. Not as good as freshly made, but it was good to have home cooked meals for lunch.


I know I always say this, but as the weeks go on, more and more people see the difference in my weight and make comments. “I see the weight loss in your face a lot” or “you are looking more like a toothpick as the days go by.” I do agree with them to a certain point, I do see the weight loss, but I have yet to reach my goal. I am in the “healthy” range of the BMI scale and all these encouraging remarks make me almost want to say, “perfect! I am at the weight I like, so it is time to head for phase 4 for good.” However, I have gone this far on Ideal Protein, why not go just a little bit farther and lose those extra pounds and reach my goal?


On multiple occasions, Paula has even mentioned to me that she doesn’t think I will return to phase one after our Christmas break. Based on my progress so far, if I had not switched to phase two and continued with phase one, I might have been able to reach my goal by the beginning of January. However, because we’re phasing off the Program over Christmas, I expect that I’ll still need a few more weeks after the Holidays. I have to admit; it does feels weird that I almost reached my weight loss goal; I had expected it to take a lot longer. That’s just how amazing the Ideal Protein program is.


Now let’s talk about my weight loss for the week! This week I lost 3.5lbs, which brings my total to just over 40lbs. I always forget to include the total inches, so I’m going to start today! Since our first week, I’ve lost a total of 21”. This is a combination of thigh, chest, hip, arms, and waist measurements.  Quite a bit if you think about it! So, this has been another successful week on the Ideal Protein Program.