I will start off this post with telling you all that I gave myself a cheat day in week four; something not recommended on Ideal Protein…but I had to give it a try! One of my good friends was getting married so I used the wedding as an excuse to cheat a little bit. I also used this as an opportunity to see how my body would handle a cheat day and if it had no effect on my body, maybe have a few more cheat days.


The results are in! The cheat day halted any progress on my weight loss. I remained at the same weight for last few days. The day after the wedding, I weighed myself and I was shocked that I was still around the same weight after eating and drinking what I did. However, as the days went by and as I continued on the program, my weight did not change. The only conclusion from this “experiment” was that the cheat day negatively impacted my weight loss. I am not saying that I regretted having this cheat meal, I’m actually more motivated now to continue following the rules of this program and keep to it. It is good to find out the boundaries of both Ideal Protein and my body as well as what I need to do to continue and lose weight.


The wedding wasn’t the only thing that happened during this week. Throughout the majority of the week, I have been going out to different car dealerships to try and find my next car (because my car is officially totaled). Although buying a new car is another exciting time in my life, I do have to say that we did not prepare. I am not saying that I did not prepare myself for looking at cars, but I did not prepare myself when it came to the needs of the program. For example, we forgot to bring water with us. Drinking water through out the day is very important on Ideal Protein in order to lose weight. Without it, I would not be able to keep to my weekly weight loss goal. Luckily, the dealership offered us bottled water as we browsed and test drove some vehicles. This saved our bacon! It was a good experience on how to always plan each trip/journey with what food and drink you will be having while you are away from home.


In the end, it is not recommended to take cheat day, as it will halter your overall goal. Before the wedding, I lost approximately 3 lbs but I haven’t lost any weight since then. This brings the total weight lost to just under 24lbs.