Hello all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Cody. Just like my girlfriend Paula, I am going to document my half of our transformation. Both our lifestyle transformation and, the added bonus of, getting a body I would like to see in the mirror. I want to start with a little about myself. All my life I have been slightly overweight and always kept telling myself that I want to lose a few pounds here and a few pounds there. I’ve never really had the motivation until my girlfriend Paula brought this opportunity to participate in Ideal Protein at Yurek Pharmacy. At first, I was hesitant about this program. I kept asking myself what does it consist of? What can I eat? How much exercise do I have to do? And many other questions like these. When we went in for our initial consultation with Linda at Yurek, I learned about the program and the more I learned, the more I got excited. Linda went into great detail about the program, answered any questions we had and helped supply us with the Ideal Protein meals we’d be needing for the first week of our journey.


The first day of our program was September 30thand, I am not going to lie, it has been probably the hardest part of the diet so far. I went into withdrawal from the lack of sugar and caffeine beverages that I used drink every day, such as Coke and Iced Capps. I kept trying to reassure myself that I didn’t need them, but my body was telling me otherwise. I was nauseous for majority of the day, but it didn’t hit me hard until dinner. We made the highly recommended meal, Big Mac in a Bowl. Once it was completed and sat down to eat, I could not eat a bite. The nausea kicked into overdrive and I could not eat anything without feeling the need to throw up. Who knew sugar withdrawal could be so tough.


The days following weren’t as bad. The constant cravings for sugar and caffeine subsided and my body accepted the food I was supplying it. Everything was going well, despite the constant questions from my co-workers about what I was eating. When I informed them of Ideal Protein and my goal to lose weight, it peaked their interest. If I reach my goal, and prove that it works, they will consider joining too.


Now for the second hardest day on the program, Thanksgiving. I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving, but I do love myself mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie — all foods that I would eat way too much of.  I sat down for dinner with only turkey, lean ham and steamed broccoli on my plate. I definitely enjoyed my meal and it was filling, but I know if given the chance I would have eaten way too much of the wrong foods and gained weight. In the end, it was a successful night with a lot of laughter and happiness.


Now for the third hardest day so far on the program; a friend’s wedding. Not only was there good music, laughter and joy, there was also so many temptations. For example, the desire to drink some wine, indulge in a dinner roll, and stuff my face with delicious wedding cake and treats. I could probably eat more than a dozen of those dinner rolls before even feeling a little bit full. But none of these indulgences were allowed and I was okay with that. All in all, I stuck to plan and only ate/drank what I was allowed while constantly reminding myself of my overall goal.


In the end, it was an eventful first week on Ideal Protein. I’ve checked it off and am moving on to week two. Now that the first week is over, I weighed myself and I have lost just over 11 pounds. A big accomplishment, but there is still a lot more to learn (and lose) on this program.